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The ORS Organizers Stephanie Johanesen Tara Ryan Christian Stephenson

ORS Eugene Thea Peck Lisa Emond Robert Emond

Current Stats Of Our Chapter : 166 Memberships 234 Members

ORS Northwest | ORS Central Valley | ORS Cascades East | ORS Puget Sound


The individual ORS chapters have blog home-pages that are updated with articles, updates, tips, area announcements and more; all specific to the chapter’s region. Click the chapter links above to view these sites.


If you are from an region without a chapter of its own, and you’re interested in spearheading a new chapter in your area, please contact us, we’d be happy to help you start up a chapter of the Oregon Regency Society.  

A local escort service that are fans of ours came to one of our chapters with a few of their ladies to have a look around and to see if this is something they can pass on to their clients and friends in the New York city area. They had a blast, stayed a long time and got to know some of our founders, staff and members.

Needless to say it was a very eye opening experience for them. I think they got a very good feeling and understanding of what exactly is a regency society. Our mission is also to expand and preserve the society by educating others that might have an interest in starting their own chapter in any part of the world.

Many of their ladies we very open and eager to express many of the virtues, ideas and philosophy passed on in the society. We gave them a very comprehensive lecture on all the aspects of a regency society that I think they have enough knowledge to take what they learned and hopefully start a chapter in the local area.

We encourage all people from all all the world that might have an interest in starting a chapter in your local area to contact us, come visit us and get a real feeling for what exactly it is we do here and what we stand for. 5 Star came, stayed and really got to know us from, the inside out.

The escorts from their agency can really use what we showed them to be prime courtesans and companions to really be able to show their clients a level of success that you will not see from any other agency in the area. We wish them all the best of luck with their endeavor and hope to see a local chapter spearheaded by a this escort service to happen very very soon.

For men that seek a companion for these local events, an escort is a popular choice. An escort can accompany you to your next event. Our next event in Hackensack NJ has access to local escorts. New Jersey Escorts Now offers Hackensack Escorts available 24/7. Give them a call to see which Hackensack escorts might be available for you.

Staten Island Lawn Care yard maintenance service has reached out to us with the idea to open a chapter local in the staten island area. Contact them if you support this idea and to help them get started.

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