About Us

A Little About Why We Exist…

The Oregon Regency Society’s primary aim is to unite the many Regency-themed groups and individuals in Oregon (and Southern Washington). There are groups and individuals dedicated to the appreciation of Jane Austen, Lord Byron, Beau Brummell, groups for English Country and Regency Dance, groups that read and write Regency Romance, costumers specializing in Regency garments, Historic reenactors and enthusiasts, Napoleonic and 1812 War reenactors and enthusiasts, Live Action Role Players, (LARP), history students, literature students, Regency era enthusiasts and so much more. Each group (and  individual) may be interested in exploring other aspects of the period we commonly appreciate, however there are few venues where this myriad of interests can unite under the umbrella of the Regency Period.

The Oregon Regency Society was created to bring all these Regency enthusiasts together. In part, our membership is broad and diverse. Our members come from all walks of life; professionals, homemakers, students, scholars, young and old. Our group embraces civil, polite society, unified by a common love; the Regency Period; enjoying the simple pleasures that our modern lives so infrequently offer to us.We all adore the worlds that Jane Austen’s winding, brilliantly written tales portray, perhaps romantically but nonetheless appealingly; depicting a time where ladies were ladies, gentlemen were gentlemen, and good society, family connections, grace, wit and romance were treasured—Where the careful attention to dress and detail, the handsome garb of the ladies and gentlemen can be so appealing against our t-shirt and jeans world.  It is a world all of our members seek to recreate.

We partake in events, workshops and educational opportunities to broaden our view of this all-too-short period in history. We celebrate the customs and costume of the time, and encourage all of our members to bring their own unique knowledge and skills to the table to share with others.  We have a pool of costumers, organizers, history buffs; we even have members who provide lessons in Regency and English Country Dance to help us make our events all the more realistic.

What is Regency Dance?  See this English news-bit about a Regency Dance group from the UK ~ You can learn this too!

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